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How to be an IKEA & Ilse Crawford #VelvetHome Collaborator (Insider)

 How to be an IKEA & Ilse Crawford #VelvetHome Collaborator (Insider)

Designers and furniture enthusiasts around the world rejoice! IKEA and Ilse Crawford have teamed up once again to create a range of beautiful and timeless home accessories. With shared values, a humanistic approach, and a passion for design, IKEA and Ilse Crawford are sure to create products that will improve everyday life for the many.

How to be an IKEA & Ilse Crawford #VelvetHome Collaborator (Insider)
 How to be an IKEA & Ilse Crawford #VelvetHome Collaborator (Insider)

1. IKEA & ilse Crawford #VelvetHome Collaboration

2018 has been dubbed the year of "Velvet Home", with the access to this range of beautiful and timeless home accessories designed by the collaboration of IKEA and Ilse Crawford. IKEA's obsession for a sustainable home, based on classic items, antiques, melodrama, and luxe living meets Ilse Crawford's passion for absolute design. Together, they create modern items that you will use every day for household needs.

2. Read Ilse Crawfood’s About Page

I’ve known Ilse Crawfood for a while now, and it blows my mind the lengths she goes to make us all feel comfortable in our own homes. From being part of the ilse Crawford family to traveling to the first pick up at Ilse Crawford’s showroom, I have admired her style for a long time.

Her love of strong colors, unique artworks (painted on vintage Ilse Crawford’s supplies), fascinating designs and all things Bohemian is clear on her amazing website. www.ilsecrawford.comI have always respected Ilse for her ability to see the big picture, to see factory lines, trends, proposals, pricing and calculations. Her work is uniquely Ilse Crawfood, a reflection of her and the values Ilse Crawford stands for.

3. Learn All About Ilse Crawford

IKEA and Ilse Crawford share a common vision for care, development, innovation, and design.

"IKEA approaches sustainability in a more holistic way. They are a company for the people, by the people, with a vital message of care. We will work together to bring inspiration and openness to our co-development of a better everyday life." - Ilse Crawford

For the recent collaboration, Ilse Crawford invited us to contribute an exclusive ‘Made at IKEA’ project to their ‘Made at IKEA: Street Furniture’ collaboration. This is a penultimate touch to get ready for the event as we have been looking forward to creating a table with an IKEA bowl.

Guarantee that you receive an invite to the “Made at IKEA”. It is a very exclusive and limited release and isn’t something to be missed!

From the IKEA 360 video, Made at IKEA project, and other behind the scenes information, you will get an intimate glimpse into the up-and-coming campaign, "Let's Build Streets Together".

It will be super exciting to see the project being released closer to the event where you will be able to witness the behind the scenes at IKEA with the finest people from IKEA and Ilse Crawford.

4. Write a Blog Post About IKEA & Ilse Crawford

In a recent IKEA home inspiration aesthetics post, we highlighted pieces and staples that aim to change the way you think about home.

Now, when ilse crawford released her latest affordable living initiative, we know the store is tackling this through an even more ingenious manner.

The pieces are decidedly minimalist, but in a modern and edgy way.

Here’s how it works: In February 2012, ilse crawford lived in an IKEA apartment during her 5-week stay for the creative living exhibition.

Now, she has partnered with IKEA to create four styles inspired by her adopted home.

Styles just released for each room include inspiration; a headboard; a nightstand; a rug; and a footrest.

Ilse has given these four styles a name: Minimalist, Vegetanarian, Modern and Urban.

All come in black, white or black with white.

When it comes to home decor, there's no denying that IKEA is king. But what many people don't know is that IKEA often collaborates with top designers to create one-of-a-kind collections that are both stylish and affordable.

Ilse Crawford is one of those designers, and she's just released a new collection in collaboration with IKEA called Velvet Home. If you're interested in learning how to be an IKEA & Ilse Crawford Velvet Home collaborator, you're in luck. In this article, we'll walk you through the process step by step.

First, let's take a look at what this collaboration is all about.


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