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5 Things That Must Be In Every Interior Designer's Bag to Make a House Magic

 5 Things That Must Be In Every Interior Designer's Bag to Make a House Magic

There’s something about a well-designed home that just makes you feel good. Maybe it’s the way the right furniture and accessories can transform a space, or how a designer’s touch can make a house feel like a cozy haven.

Whatever it is, today’s interior designers are more in demand than ever. And for good reason—their work can make all the difference in creating a magical space that feels like home.

If you’re looking to hire an interior designer, or simply want to get some inspiration, then you’ll want to check out our annual A-List. This year, we’ve got 125 of the most stylish, influential, and innovative interior designers from around the world.

5 Things That Must Be In Every Interior Designer's Bag to Make a House Magic
 5 Things That Must Be In Every Interior Designer's Bag to Make a House Magic

1. An Architecture Paper Proposal

Whether you’re designing for a commercial space, your home, or a vacation rental, you can expect a pretty high demand for these services, so there are plenty of openings to fill.

A big part of the job consists of working with construction teams, selecting material, and overseeing the process to ensure that it’s finished in a timely manner.

A little know fact that I recently discovered about designing on-site: It’s really common for existing rooms to be retrofitted with crepe-paper or can-paper.

However, construction teams aren’t really expected to bill for that type of work. It’s assumed it’s coming as a part of the project.

So you might wind up paying more for decorations that you weren't even meaning to buy.

2. Listening Machines

'A' List 2018: Interior Designers on creativity, philanthropy, and more, 89 of the Most Innovative Designers of 2018

If you believe a talented interior designer, there's no one like Jannis Toderini.

I mean, who can get from a screen-full of Parisian dimmers to a kaleidoscope of paint that makes your home feel like a total retreat?

He focuses on making every residential space uniquely beautiful. And believes that you design a safe space for people to live in, and a safe environment for children to play in. So, if your aim is to create something that will intrigue young and old alike for generations, seriously, read Jannis' story to up your design game.

3. Transparent Colour

A transparent background is a common visual element used to block online advertisement, criminal reportage, news stories and all of those attributes.

Even having a transparent background impacts your design as they are first visualized, helping your visitors to focus on the content, infusing your content also in the background.

Another idea is to use a solid colour to force your visitors to look at your content or go away from your page.

Try to give a different form or look to each different element, whether content or decoration.

When you're a professional interior designer, there are some essentials that you just can't go without. Whether you're working on a new home or revamping an existing one, these five tools will help make your job a whole lot easier.

1. A Well-Stocked Toolbox

No designer is complete without a well-stocked toolbox. Chances are, you'll need at least a screwdriver, hammer, level, tape measure, and drill. You may also want to add a stud finder and jigsaw to your arsenal.

2. A Good Camera

A good camera is essential for documenting your work as you go. Make sure to get one with a good zoom so that you can capture all the details of your project.

3. Lots of Inspiration

Designers are always inspired by their surroundings.


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