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25 Inspirational Photo Shootings from Pinto Legends

A dynasty is defined as a sequence of rulers from the same family. This is certainly true for the Pinto family, who have been in the photography and advertising business for four generations. Founded by Alberto Pinto in the early 1950s, the company has been run by three successive generations of the Pinto family, and it’s now helmed by Linda Pinto, who is the fourth generation to take the reins.

1. Introduction

Pinto legends are a go to photography and advertising company for celebrities, famous people, and even adorable pet pals. Running from Los Angeles, California, to New York, Accola Pinto launched 25 exceptional photo shoots with their amazing talents in collaboration with digital artists, Julia Marisa Lucaratti and Katherine Carthisandy Lee.

25 Inspirational Photo Shootings from Pinto Legends
25 Inspirational Photo Shootings from Pinto Legends

Here is a brief behind-the-scenes on each shoot including the photographer who captured them.

2. Pinto Legends – Inspirations Behind Their Photo Shoot Behavior

Amongst the various legends, Alberto Pinto, Florence Pinto, and Linda Pinto can well be classed as photogenic legends.

The photographer may be seen calmly hanging on the ground when photographer is doing his work but when he lights the things, the legend can look after everything from hitting game to doing interviews!

3. Inspirations Behind Their Photo Shoot Behavior:

A perfect example lies in George Pinto’s night shooting, as the legend sporting make up was ready with her cover. What turned him to dressing up, was the figure of Michelle Pinto, a female model used for their teaser for featuring in prominent women’s magazines like Vogue, Elle Italia, Cosmopolitan, Vogue UK, Esquire, and what’s not to shoot her on the picture?

Do you want to learn more about inspiring photo shoot behavior examples?


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3. 25 Photo Championships from Pinto Legends

Over the years, the Pinto family has brought the company to the next generation of fashion photographers, which has resulted in a long list of winners for many photographic contests. Their photographers have been featured in some amazing magazines, and celebrities all over the world have chosen Pinto staff, because of their carefully nurtured background and talents.

An exemplary feature was for the work of the Pinto family to hang in the famous Bowery boutique of New York. Among other significant achievements, the Pinto family has literally brought together Sovereign Safe, a crystallisation of artists and artists at the time, and spawned some of the US outstanding fashion photographers and top category winners. As it is up to now following their stringent reputation and well-kept heritage, they have keeping further generations good-natured.

4. 25 Radically Awesome Photos from Pinto Legends

Pinto Legends is a journey into the land of appearances, which they explored through their amount of fascinating photographers. All these talented artists try to transform people into the best versions of themselves in their images through their photo sessions. The project "Tavole per credere" (Books for belief) convinced them of the fact that photographic and artistic creativity cannot necessarily be prototypical.

Anybody can capture each moment of a life you have committed only to pushing the shutter trigger, while you are trying to commit to painting each minute you live.

The magical moment of some smile you have missed while you are struggling with the inconvenient traffic is captured when you're running late for an appointment before the photo session stating that a photo has to be set up. The subject will remember only one of the two images, the other means travelling a mind blowing one.

5. 25 Provocative Photos From Pinto Legends

Pinto Legend couples with its subroutine will provide you compelling pictures that you will send in the email provide and we will divide it by many images into your offer.

We will identify thirty provocative photos that will move the invitee and thereby will generate interest in providing information on the offer just as, interest, curiosity and the desire to stay informed of a great vacation, travel, hotels or promo code will be heightened.

6. 25 Fantastic Photos From Incredible Shots

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Quite often, you will see photographers with impressive images on their portfolios or their social media profiles; they capture photos in various outdoor and other environments.

But do people actually know how they did them? Some of us spend hours searching for the perfect shooting spot, while others quickly decide to take a shot on our way to work or while they are on the go. But there’s more where that came from; you might just have faced a situation and got the perfect shot.

Whether you’re a brand marketing team or a photographer, having a visual identity established worldwide to be remembered forever won’t do any good if you can’t share them in the right context. If it doesn’t come together in a compelling content or content marketing strategy, you will not get the attention and results you want.

7. 25 Super Ideas to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

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8. 25 Best Pinto Backgrounds & Snowboard Shoot-Mania

The Pintos are somewhat famous for being able to capture beautiful Colorado scenery into their images and themes and continue to do so for the following twenty-five years.

This leads the team to being able to change the mood of every project they shoot, no matter the location.

To be able to maintain this talent for the last twenty-five years, Linda suggests that their main rule is constant learning. This involves a whole group of family members and friends to help them learn what works best.

She estimates that the team has shot over 300,000 weddings, babies and families around the world as of 2017.

To maintain this level of success, she says that, all the way down to the team members, they are committed to provide their clients with the best experience possible, from the initial consultation at the Pinto Ranch base in Idaho to the delivery of files.

She points out that they are always adding onto their knowledge and team and are willing to share their expertise with young photographers who are interested in pursuing a career as a Pinto.

She also suggests that any businesses that are trying to reach out to the corporate world of Pinto can reach out to their corporate liaison, Betty Montgomery, who has been with the company since her very first shoot as a nineteen-year-old wet behind the ears staff.

The Pinto horse is a breed that is known for its beauty and agility. These horses have been used in many photo shoots, and the results have been stunning. In this article, we will look at 25 of the most inspirational photo shootings from Pinto Legends.

1. This first photo shoot was done by photographer Stephanie Dewald. The background and setting are both beautiful, and the Pinto horses look majestic in the photos.

2. This next photo shoot was done by photographer Kacey McNulty. The lighting is beautiful, and the horses look very graceful in the photos.

3. This next photo shoot was done by photographer Brittney Precht. The setting is very pretty, and the horses look very happy and relaxed in the photos.

4. This next photo shoot was done by photographer Caleigh Wells.


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